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It’s been 20 years since this legends sadly chose to become an angel, this man’s music has gotten me through a lot of sad times even though I wasn’t even born before he committed suicide. 
R.I.P Kurt cobain 20 Feb 1967 - 5 april 1994 

Sadly its been 20 years today since Kurt Cobain passed away, he had committed suicide and i just want to make it clear that he means an awful lot to me and so many other people around the world, his music has saved so many lives, and he isn’t even alive to acknowledge it, although I wasn’t born in time to see him live is shit, he was such a handsome man, and such an inspiration, not only to me but also to many bands too! I feel for Frances Bean and Courtney Cobain, I may of not personally known him or anything, but even just listening to his music, every song, helps me understand what was going through his mind and what he was feeling..
Eu acho que tenho medo de ser feliz, porque toda vez que consigo ficar feliz, alguma coisa ruim acontece. Charlie Brown Jr. (via intimidadedegarota)

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